Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Center for Michigan's The Public's Agenda for Public Education

The Center for Michigan is a non-profit, non-partisan "think and do" tank started by veteran journalist and humanitarian, Phil Power.  Search for:  The Public's Agenda for Public Education.

It has just published a report summarizing their extensive survey of Michigan residents about public education.  The survey was done through education town hall meetings that were held with self selected individuals who met in person with CFM as well as with a statisticallyt accurate random number of Michigan residents reached by phone.  The results may surprise you. 

Both groups were surprisingly similar in their desire to improve education in Michigan, in their notion that education in the state is poor, but their home district is doing well, their desire to invest in early childhood education, in their desire to raise taxes for education if it improved things and in their feeling lukewarm that more choice or online learning is the answer to improved education.  Please take a look at the report and at everything the Center publishes about education.  Lucy