Wednesday, February 6, 2013

ALEC is Behind Boilerplate Leg. Eroding Local Control

The American Legislative Exchange Council, ALEC, is a non-profit based in Washington DC which touts itself as an organization supporting limited government, free market federalism and individual responsibility. 

ALEC has been rounding up conservative lawmakers all over the country and convincing them that their version of corporate education which erodes local control and communities and takes public dollars and privatizes the education process is the right way to go. 

Their boiler plate legislation has been introduced all over the country, including in Michigan. 

During our Education Town Hall last March, both Reperesentative Lisa Lyons and Senator David Hildenbrand reported that they are dues paying members of ALEC. 

Please infi\orm yourself about this organization.  Whether you are a Republican or Democrat, we all need to know what shadow entities are manipulating our public discourse and who is eroding our ability to elect local officials to run our schools for our communities.

Here are some sources that rebut ALEC: