Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Please Review and Get Ready When We Need You!!

Current Concerns of the Legislative Committee


We need you to decide your opinion about our public schools and about how the schools support our community. We feel the bills below do not support our schools or our communites. They will be a burden on our community. We are tired of cuts to our schools and the undermining of our communities!


1. EAA—Education Achievement Authority This is the brand new state wide district that has the mandate to overtake the bottom 3% of schools. This means that over the years, the take-over will continue up the ladder and the state will run more and more schools. We are concerned about the erosion of local control. The EAA might not have to test their students.  This raises alarms of whether the students would be receiving adequate education.


2. Mega Schools of Choice bill HB5923: This bill revisits all of the charter expansion, cyber school expansion and expanding the entities that can start schools, including corporations starting schools for their employees, etc. Michigan already has more choice in schools than most other states. We also have little or no research to show the benefit of choice to Michigan. We continue to advocate stopping this legislation. Too much. Too fast. No research. These new schools also do not have to address special education students.


3. Unbundling funding for education We are most concerned about this strategy for funding schools. While we still would get the foundation grant per pupil, if the pupil takes a class outside the district, the district would be held responsible for keeping track of and giving the other entity a portion of the foundation grant. This would allow mobile students to leave the district and take money with them while leaving more expensive special education students behind. On paper, it sounds like nice options for students, but it is again tearing at the community that supports its schools.