Saturday, February 16, 2013

Open Letter to Gov. Snyder from David Arsen, Professor of Ed at MSU

This is a must read.  If you are still struggling to understand what the issues are that public schools are facing, this letter will really clarify for you.  PLEASE READ

Here's just one quote from the letter that is worth noting in particular:
"[T]he Oxford funding proposal and HB 5923 fail to solve the actual problems facing Michigan schools. Instead they would worsen those problems and create a host of new ones. While claiming to advance a plan for globally competitive schools, the drafters propose a set of policies found in no high-performing nation’s educational system. While claiming to advance a modern 21st Century system to replace the old “factory” model of schooling, they in fact offer a plan based on the grim principles of 19th Century piece work production that relied not on collaboration but rather on the coercive measurement of individual effort. The proposals are not based on empirical evidence of what works but rather on faith."