Wednesday, February 6, 2013

January Revenue Conference Good News Investigated Further

The January Revenue Conference showed less money coming in to the State of Michigan coffers than was anticipated last May.  What does this mean for schools?  Don't look for an increase in the foundation grant in per pupil funding.  This sounds like a relief, but with rising costs, especially retirement costs, this could still lead to a cut for schools.  Also, the Best Practices or Incentive monies may be cut for this year.  EGRPS received approximately $50 per pupil in Best Practices money.  Also, as Governor Snyder pushes for Early Childhood Education expansion (which we are thrilled with) he may be taking funding away from K-12 schools to finance this.  Look for all schools receiving less "At Risk" dollars.  I am not an education finance expert, but it sounds like "At Risk" kids should be continuing to receive those dollars and revenue for early childhood should be coming from somewhere else.  In EGRPS, we look to lose dollars targeting elementary reading support if these dollars are lost.  Lucy