Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Without your call to Lansing, you approve the cuts!!

855-596-6786 toll free House Rep Lisa Lyons  517-373-0797 not toll free State Senator Mark Jansen

On top of writing your emails, signing the petitions, please call our legislators and let them know that you know about the massive cuts that are looming in the EGRPS if Governor Snyder's proposed cuts go through.  We have a reliable source in Lansing that said that they never heard from parents during the last round of cuts and figured that they were giving approval of the cuts.  Let's get those phones ringing!!

Please call and tell them that your child has benefitted from the media centers which are slated to close.  Schools with no libraries?  Let them know that your child benefitted from Reading Recovery.  My child used those services and it benefitted him that school year and ever since.  Let them know that your child is in the swim program and that the whole community will be poorer for closing the high school pool.  Tell your story based on why you came to this community for the schools.  Let them know if you were recruited to Grand Rapids for a job and that you settled into a community based on the quality of the school district.  Make the economic argument.  Just call!