Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Our Strategy

I am outlining the strategy that the EGRPS PTSA Legislative Commitee is using in activating our community to address the massive cuts proposed in Governor Snyder's budget.

1.  We are asking all parents and community members in East Grand Rapids to read the letters that the EGRPS School Board and Administration have written.  There are two letters.  One is to the community outlining the general history of the funding problem, the limitations placed upon the district by Proposal A and the state funding of public education and the call to speak to our legislators.  The second letter is the very detailed letter to the legislators which outlines our district's case regarding past cuts and future cuts under this plan.

2.  We are asking for three forms of action from all parents and community members in East Grand Rapids.  First, email our legislators.  Example letters are on this blog below.  Second, call our legislators.  (Toll free)855-596-6786 House Rep Lisa Posthumus Lyons, 517-373-0797 State Senator Mark Jansen.  Let the legislators know that your child benefitted from the swimming programs here and that you can't stand the idea of the pool closing.  Let them know that the theater program benefits your child academically, socially and spiritually and the closing of the PAC or defunding the director of the PAC will be devastating.  Let them know if your child benefitted from Reading Recovery and Spanish in elementary school.

Third, sign onto the petitions that are circulating at all school events.

3.  We are meeting with other Kent County school districts through the Grassroots/Friends of Kent County Schools in order to encourage other school districts to take a similiar action in setting out what the cuts will do to their district and call their parents to action.

4.  We are asking anyone who has contact with any other state legislator through personal contact or history of donations to contact him or her and inform that person about our dire situation in public education. 

5.  Write a letter to the editor of the Grand Rapids Press stating what programs you see on the chopping block and let everyone know that you will not stand for it.  If your child has benefitted from Reading Recovery or you know your elelmentary child benefittted from the para-pros, please speak about it.