Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Legislation that is Returning


1.     (EAA) Education Achievement Authority.  Overreach.  Overkill.  Although it was capped at 50 schools in the lame duck session, it is still a bad law.  It is bad for urban schools.  It is bad for all schools.  Please read: http://www.miparentsforschools.org/node/184

2.     Oxford Foundation school financing revamp.  This unbundling of schools will take local control away.  We will have our districts become the ATM for children’s education while still being held responsible for test scores and other administrative costs.  This is a boon for cyber schools. 

3.     Expansion of choice.  We are revisiting the uncapping of charter and cyber schools with the ability of any entity to open a school.  These schools will be able to have entrance criteria.  Our local public schools take everyone.  These schools will take the least expensive students and our society will be ever more segregated.