Monday, April 30, 2012

Urgent from We Are the People Michigan

SB 619 up for a re-vote!

Every parent knows the drill:  To raise healthy, active children, we need to limit the time our sons and daughters spend staring at computer, TV, and mobile device screens.
Incredibly, the Michigan legislature is moving in the opposite direction.  In a narrow 56-54 vote, our House of Representatives voted last week to place thousands of Michigan children into “cyber schools,” taking them out of real classrooms and draining as much as $210 million in desperately needed revenue from our public schools.
You can make a difference by contacting your state representative TODAY.
For-profit cyber schools have no accountability, no track record of success, and no plan to provide comprehensive academic services, transportation, art, music, athletics or special education.
What they do have is plan to milk the taxpayers:  Charge full price for each child enrolled in cyber school, drill them long-distance at a fraction of the cost of a real school… and pocket the difference.
Teachers, parents, student and school officials are united against this wrong-headed move.  So who’s for it -- besides the for-profit companies that will get top dollar for bottom-of-the-barrel services?
The Michigan House of Representatives will re-consider SB 619, the cyber schools bill, on Tuesday, May 1.  Because the original vote was so close, we’ve still got a chance to turn this around.  If just one legislator changes his or her vote, we can stop this taxpayer rip-off in its tracks.
Your state legislator could be the one who makes the difference.  Click here to find his or her phone and email, and please contact him or her right away.  
Urge your Representative to vote NO on SB 619.  Please make a call or send an email today -- this vote is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon, April 31.
Thanks for all you do,
Todd, Roger and the WATP team 

P.S. If your Representative is already voting the right way thank them and reach out and urge Representative Zorn to change his vote on SB 619.  Zorn was the tie breaking vote last time and we need to let him know he has a second chance on Tuesday to do the right thing.