Sunday, November 13, 2011

All Day Kindergarten Considerations

All Day Kindergarten continues to be a concern.  When Representative Lisa Lyons met with EGRPS Administration and School Board members last week, she stated that the change is very likely to happen in the next budget cycle.  Not only will this change in state policy have a severe economic impact on our district, but the district also needs time to develop curriculum as well as hire staff trained in early childhood education.  This is a multiple step process that takes time.    We are also very concerned about the economic impact on other districts close by.  Lucy

  • Please remember that schools, such as those in GRPS, that currently have All Day Kindergarten programs are utilizing federal money for the other half of the day.  They will lose that federal money under the new state law.  All Day Kindergarten will impact all schools in Michigan that offer Kindergarten whether they are expanding to meet the requirement or they are losing federal dollars.