Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Advocacy Alert From PTA Michigan

November 1, 2011
Michigan PTA Members:
The Michigan Senate recently passed Senate Bill 619, allowing an unlimited number of cyber-schools in Michigan.  This bill is now before the Michigan House Committee on Education. Click here for the full text of SB 619 or copy and paste the link into your browser bar:
Senate Bill 618 – to remove the cap on all charter schools in the state – was taken up by the House Education Committee last week.  The full text of SB 618 can be found here  or copy and paste the link into your browser:
You are an advocate for the children in our state and nation.  It is important for you to let your Michigan Representative know that you expect the Legislature to ensure that every child in Michigan receives a quality education.  As the Michigan Legislature makes changes to public education, it is imperative that our students have qualified educators and proper oversight.  All educational opportunities available must help students reach their full potential.
Ask your legislator: 
  • Who oversees cyber-schools? Are they required to demonstrate experience and success in virtual education?
  • Who determines the curriculum and instructional materials for cyber schools?  Are they required to follow the Michigan Curriculum Framework?
  • What assessments are done to evaluate the students’ progress?  Are students in allpublic schools – traditional, charter, and cyber - required to take the MEAP and the Michigan Merit Exam? 
  • How do cyber schools ensure that students are doing their own work?
  • Are all public schools required to adopt the Common Core State Standards? 
  • What research have you (the legislator) reviewed in regards to charter schools and cyber schools?
  • If a student leaves a virtual school, and returns to a brick and mortar school, does the funding follow them?
Call your Michigan Representative today; let him or her know that they must look out for the children of Michigan – their future depends on it! Click here to find your representative's contact information .
  Thank you for speaking up for children,
  Michigan PTA Committee for Children’s Advocacy