Monday, April 18, 2011

From Michigan PTSA

April 17, 2011

Dear Advocate,

The children of this state really need your help!

We are facing the largest cut EVER to education in Michigan, and your voice needs to be heard in this fight.

If you have children in school, their ability to compete for jobs and college admissions is being compromised by what the Governor is proposing. They will not have the advantages that their peers in other states, countries, and even their peers in Michigan who graduated a year or two ahead of them enjoy.

And that's just not fair.
To them, to you, and to the future of this struggling state.

If you don't have children in school, your community, property values and neighbors will suffer.
Already school districts in every corner of the state are making plans to increase class size, eliminate busing and support services, close schools and eliminate programs.

It's time for all of us to band together NOW!

It’s been reported that the House may be voting on the School Aid budget very soon (possibly this week).
Here's what I need for you to do:
You must CALL your state representative NOW and urge him/her to reject the governor’s proposal and CAREFULLY consider other alternatives through additional public hearings.

You must let them know that these cuts are unacceptable and that you are counting on them to stop these cuts.

To find the phone number for your Representatives, use this link:

Again, thank you for your continued advocacy efforts!

Kevin McLogan

Vice President for Children's Advocacy
Michigan Parent Teacher Association
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