Thursday, February 17, 2011

Legislative Committee Update

1. At the end of last school year, $200 million in the School Aid Fund which had not been anticipated was moved out of the School Aid Fund to pay for Community Colleges. This was an unprecedented move which was perpetrated by “loaning” the money to community colleges from the School Aid Fund. Now it looks as though the School Aid Fund will be held responsible for Community Colleges. This will result in all of the recent cuts to schools plus a new $300 per child cut for next school year. Community college budget will remain intact.

2. We need parents, grandparents and all community members to let legislators know that we are not going to sit quietly and accept these cuts. Your Legislative Committee is working with the State of Michigan PTA, the Kent County Grassroots advocacy organization and others to organize a response to this. Please keep posted on the facebook page and the blog to see what advocacy we will need from all parents.