Thursday, February 17, 2011


Governor Rick Snyder's BUDGET BOMBSHELL Public Schools will lose 4% or $470/Student

As you may have heard, the Governor released details of his proposed budget which includes a 4% reduction in K-12 funding for public schools. This would mean an additional $300 cut per student in addition to last year's $170 cut. As an example, in Rockford, this would mean an additional $2.4 million to eliminate from the budget. This reduction would put Rockford at less than their 2005-06 funding level!

On the flip side, the Governor's budget holds community colleges harmless - remember, attending community college is a choice - K-12 education is mandated by law. Community colleges have the ability to increase revenue through tuition. Public K-12 schools rely solely on State funding and have no options to increase revenue. Where is the reasoning?

Please join the Friends of Kent County Schools grassroots group tonight as we hear from a representative from the Michigan Association of Schools Boards on what this means and how we can advocate for Michigan's students. We need your voice! The meeting will be held at the KISD Educational Services Center from 7:00-8:30 p.m. (See here for meeting details).

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