Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New PTA Advocacy Call to Contact Mark Jansen about Bullying Bill SB159

Please contact Mark Jansen about Senate Bill 159 before next week.  You can use the email posted next to this post or you can use the link from the ptsa page online.  See the alert from PTSA Michigan's Advocacy Director, Kevin McLogan.  Lucy

Take Action Against Bullying NOW! 
First of all, thank you to those that responded to my message earlier this month regarding anti-bullying legislation. Your voice has made a difference, but we are not there yet.

If you were not able to respond last time, there is still time for your voice to be heard.

Senate Majority Leader Bishop has said that this will be the last week of session. That means that the Senate will meet Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. And that is it. End of session.

A new anti-bullying bill will need to be drafted for the next session.

You may have received a message from your senator that they support SB 275. This bill is not as strong as SB159, it doesn’t have the provisions or guidelines to be effective in the fight against bullying in our schools.

I need you to go to the Michigan PTSA Legislative Alert page RIGHT NOW and send an e-letter (you can edit as you like, and a personal story is always effective). This will only send the message to your senator. Phone calls to their offices would be great as well, but it is imperative that you take action NOW.

The page will expire on Thursday, but it is active now.
Again, I thank you for your advocacy efforts!

Kevin McLogan
Vice President for Children’s Advocacy
Note new e-mail address