Thursday, December 12, 2013

EAA expansion up for a vote in the House

 Please read this important notice from Michigan Parents for Schools
This may be our last chance to stop unlimited expansion of the unaccountable Education Achievement Authority. Yesterday, the Senate passed a version of the EAA bill that doesn't even mention the EAA, but makes sure that the EAA would be eligible to run schools placed in the state "reform district." It's hard to imagine, but they have made the bill even worse.
The bill:
  • Removes all limits on the size of the EAA
  • Removes all limits on the number of new charter schools the EAA could create
  • Removes a provision that would have let schools ask their local ISD to help them instead
  • Removes criteria for deciding when a school can "exit" this nonsense
  • Changes the law to remove any legal doubt that the EAA could be asked to run state "takeover" schools
  • Allows the Legislature to avoid taking any responsibility for the failures of the EAA without actually changing anything.
The bill returns to the House today. They can do one of three things:
  1. Reject the Senate changes, in which case the bill goes to a proverbial "smoke filled room" for behind-closed-doors negotiations and rapid passage of whatever comes out; or
  2. Accept the Senate changes, placing this mess in state law; or
  3. Simply throw the whole thing in the trash and start over in the new year with something that actually works for kids.
We favor option 3, and I think you would, too. Please ask your State Representative to let this mess drop in the garbage can and work to create real, lasting change for our struggling students and schools!

Thank you for your advocacy on behalf of our children and schools!

Steve Norton
Executive Director

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