Wednesday, November 6, 2013

minutes from the 11/4 meeting, amended

1.    Common Core: EGRPS PTO Legislative Committee supports the EGRPS district administration and school board in their advocacy that the assessment, which matches the curriculum, be passed swiftly by the Michigan Legislature.

2.     School Aid Fund Tax Cuts: The EGRPS PTO Legislative Committee advocates that the revenue be replaced for all School Aid Fund taxes that are cut.  We do not wish to burden parents and community members with each and every bill that is introduced.  Maintain the School Aid Fund revenue and fund K-12 Schools.
3.     Third Grade Assessment Bills:  EGRPS PTO Legislative Committee supports full funding of K-12 schools so that districts (including districts with high levels of poverty and special education children) can afford to offer reading support and reading recovery programs for early elementary students. 
4.     Open Carry:  EGRPS PTO Legislative Committee supports our Administrators and School Board in collaborating with the East Grand Rapids City officials and public safety officials in devising a plan to lessen the public in our schools on voting days.  Alternative locations can be found which would allow the right to open carry without the danger of children being exposed to arms.  We also support our District in pursuing a change of status so that schools will be exempt from open carry laws.

5. Letter Grades:We used to have letter grades assessing our schools.  Then we moved to a color coding system last year.  Now the legislature wants to reinstate the use of letter grades. The grades themselves, whether colors or letters, seem to favor those schools with fewer categories to grade, resulting in excellent schools faring worse than those that offer a mediocre education with fewer services.