Thursday, May 16, 2013

Action alert from Tri-County Alliance for Public Education

Yesterday, the State's leading economists agreed that there is an additional and unexpected $483 million surplus for the current fiscal year.

On the heels of the well-documented financial crises in Buena Vista, Pontiac and now Albion, we think there should be no debate: It's time to do the right thing and invest in education.

This money could go a long way to restoring the devastating cuts enacted by Lansing politicians over the past few years.

Governor Snyder talks a lot about Michigan being the "Comeback State", but with headlines detailing schools closing early and high schools ceasing to exist, it's clear that mantra will never be realized without our Governor and Legislative leadership finally funding schools.

Please TAKE ACTION to tell Lansing that it's time to do the right thing and invest in education!