Monday, December 7, 2009

What Michigan Citizens are Saying About Education Funding...

Have you ever wondered what other communities and voters in Michigan are thinking and saying about funding for K-12 education in these difficult economic times?  Recently EPIC-MRA conducted a statewide poll, asking the opinions of "active and likely voters" regarding education funding.  The results reveal that the majority of respondents are quite concerned about reductions in school funding.   

Thinking about the current economic conditions in Michigan, and the state budget situation, 79% of Michigan's likely voters believe that funding for local public schools should not be cut.  In addition, 60% report that their local public school district has less funding than is needed to provide a quality education to students.  

Public opinion polls like this one help us communicate with our legislators about the priorities of the voters that elected them.  Use this information next time you contact your legislators.  It will strengthen your arguments for adequate school funding, and underscore that you are speaking for the majority of voters when you speak up for quality schools for our kids.

See the actual poll questions and the results at the link to the EPIC-MRA Education Poll on the right in the Informative Links section of our blog.